Meet Dan

Who is Dan and what is The Messiah Lab?

Well…I’m a husband and a dad; I’ve been married for fourteen years and I have four half-monkeys-half humans that are otherwise known as my children! I’ve been blessed to have enjoyed a life of coaching high school and college football, pastoring churches and owning businesses.  Educationally, I have attended seminary, earned a Master’s degree in Mathematics, and I am now pursuing my Doctorate degree in Messianic Studies.  For all you gym rats out there,  I’m also a personal trainer.

Phillips, Dan .jpg In regards to my Christian faith, the watershed moment for me was in the spring of 2006 when I took my first of many trips to Israel. It was there that I first realized how lacking the Christian church is in its knowledge and appreciation of its Jewish heritage.  I departed Israel with a God-given determination to tackle this issue and subsequently applied my mathematical, coaching and business mind to the study and presentation of the Judaic, Rabbinical, and Hebraic foundations of our faith that, properly understood, redefine much of what it means to be a believer in Jesus.

The Messiah Lab is the online platform that captures the passion, questions and epiphanies of my years of  travel and research.  At times, these blogs sound like a lively mini-sermon.  Other times, like a football coach’s pre-game pep talk.  Still others, like an entrepreneur’s instructions on how to launch a new business.  But always, my desire is to inspire within you questions whose answers, should you find them, will birth even better questions.  This is, after all, the way Jesus the Rabbi would likely utilize such a platform.

Finally, I want you to know  that I am humbled and honored to have you accompany me on this journey into “Messianic Christianity”…a phrase that, to my knowledge, I have at the least been the first to reintroduce,  if not actually invent.  It’s a bit like saying “blue bluishness,” but that explanation is for another blog.

Welcome to the Messiah Lab!


3 thoughts on “Meet Dan

  1. Hey Dan this mornjng I woke up with Did God really sy we were The bride of Christ? After little searching I think No that is not what we are. Please email me when u can at

  2. Wonderful articles…..I happened to notice that you were looking for a congregation in Knoxville Tn .. If this has not been misunderstood by me please look into Shomair Yisrael at 2554 Sutherland ( Michael Wimer) Would love for you to come and meet everyone..

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