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Breaking the Rules, Part Four (One More Time Around the Mountain)

Yes, I know this could be an unfortunate subtitle, because taken literally it immediately invokes images of wandering Israelites, desert wilderness and manna from heaven and that is not at all what we will be exploring here. Nevertheless, I am sticking with it and using it in its metaphorical sense; we need to revisit all … Continue reading

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The Greatest Command, Part Two

In the previous blog (January 2014, “The Greatest Command, Part One), we established two things concerning Jesus’ answer to the question of which command is the greatest of all the commandments. First, we established that Jesus gives us one answer to this question (not two or three); the command to love God is the single … Continue reading

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A wonderful and popular episode captured in the Gospels is Peter’s confession of the true identity of Jesus. The backdrop is Caesarea Philippi; the approaching journey is one final trip to Jerusalem for the Passover. Both of these qualifiers are rich in and of themselves and deserving of our attention. That attention, however, will have … Continue reading