People and Organizations I Know

Insight Christian Center

Insight Christian Center is the place where I was reestablished into Christian ministry.  It was a perfect fit, as they were hungry for a first century Judaic understanding of the scriptures and I was eager to deliver what God was teaching me.  Although I have moved over six hundred miles away I maintain a regular teaching relationship with these wonderful people.

The Father’s House

If you live within fifty miles of this church in Leesburg, Florida and you are looking for a safe place to heal…a place with a strong, stable and grace-filled leader… then this is the church for you!

City on a Hill Church

This is my home church in Knoxville, TN, where I serve on staff as a teaching pastor and oversee our first impressions team.

TLC Holyland Tours

All of my journeys to Israel have been taken with TLC Holyland Tours.  So will all the rest!

True Life Concepts

Dr. Tony Crisp, the founder of TLC Holyland Tours, is also the President of True Life Concepts.  Dr Crisp and I share similar passions regarding the people and Nation of Israel.  This is a great resource.

Ken Smith Ministries

I would not know my wife, I would have never coached college football and I would likely have never entered the ministry had it not been for two hours with Ken Smith in 1994.  Since that time, Ken has influenced nearly every single watershed moment in my life. I simply cannot imagine what my life would have been like apart from having known this man.  And if you are desperate for a speaker, I suppose he will do ok!

Gena’s Jewels

Gena is a blogger and a mom, and in my life she has been a prophet and a friend.  You will enjoy her Jewels!

Barnards Grove Baptist Church

It’s always a blessing when a former student becomes a friend and colleague.  So it is with Rev. Jeffery Sinnamon and his church in Bean Station, TN.

Jews for Jesus

As the senior pastor of a First Baptist Church, I had this organization come on a Sunday morning to teach us about the Lord’s supper and the Passover meal.  This is a wonderful organization that you would be blessed to have come to your church.


The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a powerful political lobby that I am a member of.  If you want to stay abreast on current events as they relate to American-Israeli interest then stay connected to this organization.


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